A Reader’s Guide to the World: Journalist Influencers

You may agree with us that Journalism is not the systematic study of the structure or a or concept which needs to fit in. It is a human practice and there will always be some setbacks, errors and misconceptions, yet if we have to be misinformed by someone it should be a person we rely on, not some kind of prestigious news agency or an incompetent. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, forget them all; they need to put more effort to hook people’s attention. We are talking about someone who is showing great interest, trying out and taking virtuous risks for the things you are intrigued too.

I think you know what I mean: Journalist Influencer, people, aren’t they astonishing. Actually if there is a thing, they truly care about is to empower people with information. Journalist Influencers write and express themselves not just for the sake of talking. They do it for entertainment as well. Let’s face the truth, is anybody enjoying their news with the stone-cold face? Guess no one. Some may criticize them heavily for using their platforms “for attention.” Well, hang on a minute, then what is the point of being a writer if not to get people to engage with your ideas?

Another important question arises from here. Where to find these exceptionally talented journalist influencers.

The majority of brands weren’t born yesterday, they are already aware of the fact that a huge chunk of followers doesn’t mean an engaging audience. They need to analyze the audience and key metrics. All those steps make it so challenging for brands the hiring right journalist influencers process. Let’s face it we don’t have any magic stick for you to make it easy for you, yet we have marvelous Keepface platform which never will let you down. Searching for a journalist influencer on Instagram or elsewhere is more time-consuming than you can imagine. However, if you get access to Keepface‘s 350K influencer database, right influencers are just a click away.



Katie Couric

Our first Journalist influencer is Katie Couric who started her career at the ABC News bureau in Washington, but we are not talking about her long gone past, right? This accomplished, middle-aged woman’s career spans decades. She’s now the Global Anchor for YahooNews, and she managed to persevere in her profession and still works her finger to the bone. Through her podcast, daily newsletter and frequent Instagram Live Installments, her staff of 16 met with the demand of her audience perfectly. People know Katie for her sense of humor and uncanny responses, no wonder she has 1.4 million followers and her engagement rate is 22K.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

He respectively gained a huge number of readers when he wrote about cultural, social, and political issues, to be specific, regarding African Americans and white supremacy at The Atlantic.You may have heard his name after he called out liberal magazines for being racist. Yes, the world is changing, but we unfortunately can not change people’s opinions on race entirely, yet we have to try. This is exactly what Mr. Coates did. He used his Twitter account as a go-to spot news on racially motivated police shootings. He shows the true face of the world to his 390K followers.

Benjamin Lowy

This virus doesn’t care about the color of our skin or wealth — only our system does. Minorities, deemed to be “essential workers,” face the virus in greater numbers. The economy only closed for those of us who have the privilege to stay home. https://t.co/FQayMvipPA pic.twitter.com/EafgQqqD0N

— Benjamin Lowy (@benlowy) April 20, 2020

Dad, husband, recovering conflict photog, diver, sony artisan; those are the words Ben uses to define himself. We may also add the pioneer because he is one of the first adopters of mobile photography. Ben’s first actual job right after graduation was being a photographer. He was hired to cover the Iraq War for Time. Over the years he has attended numerous wars and conflicts for various newspapers. We know it’s almost impossible to get rid of scars of the past, but he changed his jobs course to a completely different field. He covered fashion shows for The New Yorker. All in all even from the earliest stage of his career Ben used Instagram to show what is really going on in the other side of the world. How people die over nothing. He has 225.1K followers on Instagram and he is quite active in other social media platforms too.

Jenna Wortham

Co-host of The New York Times podcast “Still Processing” Jenna Wortham also covers start-ups and digital culture for The New York Times. When she was hired to Times Magazine some cited it was because of her huge following including more than 530 000 Twitter followers. With the passing years she proved her true value and now 573K followers look forward to seeing her. On Instagram she has 65.1K followers and her engagement is 4 K.

Kara Swisher

Some may categorize her as a technology business journalist, but she is a completely sophisticated woman. Kara is co-founder of Recode, executive producer of Code Conference, host of the podcast “Sway” and co-host of the Pivot. Moreover she writes weekly for The New York Times Opinion section. Former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi and many more well-known public figures were her guests. Her 1 million followers wait for Kara’s live-tweets with bated breath. Furthermore, she has 32.2K followers On Instagram.

We hope we could show you the visible part of the iceberg but don’t forget it only makes 10% of the whole iceberg. You can find plenty of proficient journalist influencers on the Keepface platform.