Take a Look into the Future of Social Media Influence: An All-in-one Decentralized Ecosystem

Keepface has been a bridge between influencers and brands since 2017. As an influencer marketing (IM) platform, Keepface enables advertisers to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using up-to-date analytics. With its 1.3 billion potential outreach and more than 400K influencers in its database, Keepface has managed 1500+ campaigns with well-known brands such as Uber, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more.

Now, it is time to share with you some great news that we are all excited about!

Given the challenges and hardships involving commercialized influence between advertisers, influencers, and their audiences, we at Keepface, decided to work on a potential permanent fix — a decentralized and tokenized ecosystem that will enable all the stakeholders to easily engage in a transparent and incentivized manner.

As a native currency of the soon-to-be decentralized and tokenized Keepface ecosystem, Keepcoin will enable all the stakeholders to easily engage in a transparent and incentivized manner.

In order to understand the current issues related to the commercialized influence and to demonstrate our solution, we will have a detailed look at each party involved in the process: advertisers, influencers, and the audiences. Let’s start with the advertisers.


To work with the right influencers for their campaigns, it is important for advertisers to track influencers’ key performance metrics. Currently, with the advanced influencer analytics, our Keepface platform allows advertisers to find the most suitable influencers based on their location, category, engagement rate, audience, gender, average or estimated price, and tags alongside with the audience filters. Additionally, the Shop Discovery and Smart Matching features also will allow advertisers to search for relevant influencer shops where their products can be listed.

Despite the functionality and usability of the current Keepface platform, we have observed that advertisers face some difficulties when working with influencers given fraudulent Social Media activity, lack of transparency, payment and authenticity issues. Non-disclosure of influencers’ past campaigns and inability to run performance-based campaigns makes it more complicated for advertisers to work with influencers. However, with the decentralized Keepface ecosystem, advertisers will have access to influencers’ past campaigns, and they will be able to focus highly on the results. More importantly, Keepcoin will ensure transparent and smooth transactions between influencers and advertisers. Also, the mentioned parties will communicate in a more efficient and incentivized manner.


When it comes to influencers, they are most likely to encounter challenges in regards to the direct monetization of their influence. Also, the advertiser compensation could be often lower than the advertiser requirements. Not to mention, they risk losing their credibility if advertised products do not meet audiences’ expectations. So, the mission of Keepcoin is to address the aforementioned challenges and allow influencers to easily monetize their audience via influencer shops ranging from physical to digital products and NFT marketplaces.

How do we maintain transparency between influencers and advertisers?

One of the key points of the proposed ecosystem is transparency from the perspective of both sides: influencers, and advertisers. The ad affinity will not only allow advertisers to see influencers’ past campaigns and performance, but also their rankings determined by the previous advertisers’ rating. Likewise, influencers also will be able to rate their experience with the advertisers through evaluating their authenticity, product quality, requirements, and offerings.

The Audience

The decentralized Keepface ecosystem will also facilitate audience and influencer engagement. The influencer sub-platform will be built with a strong emphasis on communications with audiences allowing them to rate the influencers and their shop products. More importantly, they will be able to tip and directly message (DM) the influencers. The performance of the audience will also be assessed, as regular users will get points based on their activity such as tipping and rating influencers. While the audience points will not have any intrinsic value, they will demonstrate community reputation and dedication encouraging loyalty.

Keepcoin, Commercialize Influence!

We are building a transparent, second layer decentralized ecosystem that addresses the very challenges involved in commercialized influence. With Keepcoin, advertisers will be able to work with influencers on a data-driven and performance-based mechanism; influencers will be able to effectively monetize their influence, and the audiences will have the opportunity to directly engage with, and support influencers. Hence, as an integral part of Keepface ecosystem, Keepcoin creates a tokenized and incentive-based network for all the involved parties.

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