Their Turn To Shine: Micro Beauty Influencers

I don’t know how many of you will agree with me but right now make-up is like a way-out, not just for beauty influencers but for many of us from troubles of the world we live in. Given the fact that 2020 was a complete mess, and unsurprisingly 2021 is on the skids, things are not going smoothly for us. Deadly pandemic, global movement for racial justice, wars, illnesses, feminine, stock market crash, wildfires and many more. However, in our little, shiny worlds we try to escape from the world’s brutality in different ways.

Maybe that will sound a bit cheesy but make-up unites us. Besides, I have proof to support my opinions.

Hello, You Beautiful Things

Whether you are into make-up, beauty topics or not, we all have heard the name of “ Huda Beauty”. An Iraqi-American make-up artist and entrepreneur Huda Kattan founded her brand Huda Beauty with her sisters, Mona and Alya. That woman is the true definition of determination because she turned a $6,000 loan into a billion dollars business. Struggles, disappointments, exertions burn into ashes and she just remembered that the passion was her true north.

The Dutch make-up artist, Nikkie de Jager could also be a great example to prove my point. De Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, made it known that she was threatened and blackmailed by people who had knowledge about her true identity. They were bullying her by leaking her story to the press. However, it all backfired because after Nikkie’s coming out video her make-up community supported her cordially.

Both of these marvellous women are quite popular, yet there are countless number of micro influencers who made a name for themselves on the beauty topic and are high on the agenda because of their make-up tutorial videos. Nevertheless, have you thought about why make-up and beauty topics set the wood on fire? If the answer is negative then let’s find out together.

Black Days in the Bright Era

Unfortunately, things were a bit more severe in the past. During the second world war production of cosmetics diminished and it was subjected to the luxury tax. make-up announced as lessening morale and putting interest in people’s appearances. Buying beauty products condemned by so many during the economic recession.

Beauty and make-up topics are a little bit controversial from the beginning. Even right now, in our current era,the Cenozoic, if the amount of product you put on your own face or body is not appropriate for some, you will be criticized, marginalized or even abused by a complete stranger.

Despite all those condemnation, in our social-media era, we are not using make-up to diverge, we are using it to communicate, to make ourselves heard. Increasing interest over make-up and beauty topics are not coming from quarantine weariness, it is a safe haven from brutal realities. Besides, if something is making both creator and viewers happy, why drill it with questions.

Beauty Shines Through The Flaws

Before occupying ourselves with the speculations about what are the trends thriving amongst niche beauty micro-influencers on Instagram at the moment, we should raise our heads and take a look around. Everyday we pass by far too many fashionably elegant and sophisticated women, on the crosswalk or at our local cafe, yet most of the time never give our attention to their appearances. Because organic make-up, astounding colors on upturned eyelids, flashy lip glosses on full lips, breathtaking voluminous hair shouldn’t slip beneath the radar.

Whether you’re a brand who wants to find the best matching beauty influencers or just a beauty addict knowing who shows the maximum effort to deserve being your brand face or mentor is your right. In our list we have collected more than 2000 high quality beauty, make-up influencers from the US who will be the best match to carry out your marketing campaign. Moreover, their signature style and devoted following will make sure everything will go smoothly during and after the campaign.

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Micro Beauty Makeup Influencers In The USA

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Hall of Fame

If we have your attention then let’s take a look at these remarkable micro beauty influencers. Once you have access to our influencer lists you will see that the spectrum of influencers vary from 1K to over 300K and you can find lifestyle, fashion, travel and many more focused influencer categories within the list.

For instance in the DailyCurlz website you will see an influencer who lives her life to the fullest. Her page isn’t dedicated to just simple hair or beauty hacks, she shares her view on products she used firsthand, events she attended, even you can find a segment where she posts about food and wine, even DIY included into her site. Despite the fact that she has a lot on her plate, yet her engagement rate is 11.51%.

Now time to talk about another wonderful example of a micro beauty influencer, Madeline Torres. This young mother regularly shares compelling posts on her Instagram account. She has 58.6K followers and her engagement rate is 4.16%. So, if you have a brand that wants women who just bought a life into the world to feel included in the beauty topic, you should give it a thought to collaborate with her too.

The lists we have prepared for you will definitely help you to get the result you aimed for your campaigns more easily. That method will prevent you from losing the most precious thing for a brand in a rush which is time. Moreover, most importantly finding the right influencers for your campaign is quite risky and majority of the time the reason for campaigns to fail. Only the right match will give the feeling of belonging to the target audience. Once the target audience shares the same outlook with the product micro beauty influencers there will be no odds to jeopardize the results you aimed for. So I don’t think there is much to talk about, now you should go to and purchase your first list then enjoy your campaign.